We specialize in building healthcare
technology that has clinical impact

Clinical expertise & technical innovation under one roof

  • Value based care consulting
  • Mobile and web app development
  • Machine learning and AI experts
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We pair you with a physician expert and a technical innovator.

  • You need the perfect combination
    of all three to succeed in healthcare
  • Partner with us early to avoid costly mistakes
    and critical errors

We can expand the bandwidth of your IT team immediately.

Tell us how we can help and we will deliver without needing oversight.

Ottawa Hospital Automating surgeon training and evaluation with a custom-built iPad solution.

Ottawa Hospital came to us with the question of how to improve surgical training with limited faculty bandwidth. We created a custom application allowing faculty to critique and give feedback to residents on actual cases. This increased their bandwidth and allowed improved training for their residents.

Children’s Hospital Eastern Ontario Digitized children’s paper based learning modules into a fun, interactive, mobile application.

We digitized CHEO's mental health program onto an iPad. The transition helped the hospital scale the program with ease. The product was specially designed for a younger audience, incorporating a fun, cartoon-aesthetic and interactive games to communicate its message.

Who We Are

We are a premium consulting firm focused on meeting innovation needs of Healthcare companies by

  • Translating ideas in to clinical outcomes.
  • Helping you identify blind spots and opportunities for quick wins.
  • Building quickly and pivoting with you at no extra charge.

We have technical expertise in leading mobile, web and emerging technologies

  • Custom web and mobile application development
  • Integrating Machine Learning (ML) based models

We are healthcare insiders that give you access to

  • Physician advisors in any discipline who likely understand the pain point you’re solving better than you do.
  • Payers and providers groups in the value based system
We are technical experts who think outside the box. We build quickly, contain costs, and solve problems your team may not have bandwidth for.
We work with both large healthcare groups and early stage startups. Every company is unique and that is exactly how we treat you. We limit the number of companies we work with at any given time.

Our Customers

  • Hospital systems
  • IPAs & MSOs
  • Insurance carriers
  • Seed and early stage startups
  • Outpatient clinics

Our Services

Product Development And Strategy

Healthcare might be the most difficult industry to innovate in but we can help. It’s crucial to understand all the key stakeholders in both the fee-for-service world and the managed care sectors.

By pairing you with a physician expert and a technical innovator,

we can help you navigate the landscape to develop high impact products and successful sales strategies.

User Interface and Experience

We believe design is the foundation of workflows, adoption, and sustainability. Doctors, nurses, and patient should not have to change behavior to understand your product. Let us help you design a product that flawlessly integrates with your customers needs.

Software Development

Our technical expertise lies in custom software development for mobile and web platforms. Specifically, our strengths lie in:

  • Machine learning to improve predictive modeling
  • HIPAA compliant cloud data storage
  • EMR interoperability to read and write to virtually any EMR
  • Enterprise Ready Mobile and Web Applications
  • Integrating Machine Learning Functions
  • Computer Vision
  • Face Recognition,
  • Speech Recognition
  • Recommendation Systems