There’s Something We’re Not Telling You About HCC Coding And RAF

HCC Coding And RAF are vital to modern healthcare, and we’ve recently received some incredible client data we’d very much like to share. And we all know the perils of sharing a win that deals with customer data, which is in turn patient data. And by “perils,” what we really mean is impossibility. Sometimes, the news is so good that it’s impossible not to share, yet so proprietary that it’s impossible to share. And so easily identifiable that it would be nearly impossible to anonymize.

And just the other day, we had just such a juicy morsel of intel shared internally, securely. And upon threat of death, we were told that we must not, in any way, share said information. 


And let me tell you, it was a whopper. The Big Kahuna. The White Whale of case study fodder. 


And as a member of our marketing team, let me just take a moment of personal privilege here to state emphatically THIS IS TOO GOOD NOT TO SHARE.


As The Man in Black once famously said, “But if there can be no arrangement, then we are at an impasse.” 


And that’s where we are. We are at an HCC coding, recapture rate, value-based care, patient outcome boosting, revenue improving, data-backed customer case study impasse.


So, just to set the table for you, please know that this is the kind of client results data that, were you to see it, your immediate thought would be, “Golly, I want these results for my organization!” And then your next impulse would be to double-quick DOUBLE-click on the button labeled [Book A Demo] and hastily pick the first time slot available.


And your next move would be to share the source of your joy with your Chief Medical Officer, your Chief Technology Officer, your CFO, CEO, CXO. And from there, you would set ablaze the slack channels, email and maybe fire off a text or two. 


And this is what you’d say:


“Team, these are the kind of results we need – and this is the tool we need to get us those results. This right here, DoctusTech has done it, and here’s the proprietary customer data from a recognized and well-respected name in the industry to back it up. And while they’ve tried to obscure the source, I’ve determined that it’s most likely [REDACTED]! Let’s jump on a demo right away, and get those same results for our org, ASAP!” (I paraphrase.)


And once the dust settled, and your demo was booked, and you shared just what prompted you to hastily beat down our digital door, I would be promptly hung by the ears. And the client who so graciously shared the impact our tools had on patient outcomes and their organizational bottom line would then set about hanging others by their respective ears and I would be out looking for gainful employment as a freelance beachcomber or plumber’s assistant. It would not be pretty.


So, to avoid all that unpleasantness, I’ve cut a little deeper into the specifics, redacting the customer-identifying data, obscured the actual data, and generalized the metrics to ensure that no client trust is being compromised. But at the same time, YOU, Healthcare Executive, are able to get the general gist of the compelling client data without risk to anyone’s ears or careers.


Here, without further ado, is the anonymized case study data from a highly respected name in the VBC space. 


As you can see, you will need to use a little imagination to apply meaning to the data points, as it relates to your particular organization and the impact DoctusTech will have on your numbers. Whether it’s an increase in RAF accuracy, unique code capture, recapture rates, clinician fund of knowledge on HCC coding, RADV audit preparedness, accountability, patient care, improved diagnostic specificity, decreased clinician workload (invert graph) or improved team spirit, you can clearly see that the impact would be significant. 


For further clarification and a demonstration, please do not hesitate to energetically and immediately click here to schedule that conversation with our team.

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